Adding Sust to my Prescribed Cyp

I’m on 200mg week test cyp from my Dr for TRT and I’m waiting to run a small cycle. I also have test sust 250 ready to go. Would there be an issue doing 250 sust Tuesday and 200 cyp on Friday?

Nothing that I know, but you would be far from TRT. I suppose that is your aim.

200mg/wk of testosterone cypionate is on the top end of TRT, and probably TRT+.
Have you had blood tests while on 200mg/wk test?


Yeah. Everything looks good on my blood work.

Not a bad way to go. You are essentially just upping your T levels beyond TRT. The only caveatbis if your TRT doctor is doing your bloodwork they will notice somethings up (unless you time it in-between but even then E2, others may be off)

I go every 12-14 weeks for blood. I’m always busy, so it’s kinda inconsistent. My plan was to cycle for 8 weeks and have 4-6 to come back to trt levels. Then hopefully it’ll look normal when I go to the Dr

This is sound. The only reason I don’t like Sus is it has Test Decanoate in it. Thats a 15 day half life so you will have portions of the Sus in your system for two months. Most will be clear after 6 weeks though so keep that in mind.

Okay, cool. I’ll remember that. I’ll see if I can get some more cyp next go around. I’m not doing a very high dose cycle, so I would assume that it would be okay to run sust. I know my blood work will be off, but I don’t think it would be terrible at 450wk.

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I was only mentioning it for timing of your bloods. As far as your plan goes its a very common first cycle with most folks having very few complications.


Okay, thanks. Another question as this is my first cycle and I’ve done lots of research but I still have questions. Beings my situation with being on trt from my Dr, would you do sust only for say 6 weeks, then go back to trt dose using the cyp for weeks 7-12/14 until I go back to the Dr? That way my blood work would look more normal since sust has a 15 day half life? I have enough to do the cycle with just sust. Sorry if I’m asking a lot of questions, I just want to make sure I do everything correctly.

Six weeks really isn’t long enough to get sticking gains. IMO test only in long esters should be a 10-12 week cycle. You could do 8, but that would be bare minimum. I like your first plan. If the numbers come back a little higher just chalk it up to a timing variance with the doc.

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Okay, I’ll give the first ago. I’ll be starting it after my next appt in 6 weeks. I’m trying to get everything sorted out before hand. Do I need to worry about an AI on that level of test? I don’t personally know anyone that uses any gear, and I don’t like just using google bc of the range of answers you can get.

Have you considered stacking your 200mg/wk test with an anabolic steroid? Maybe an oral, or injectable. An oral would be out of your system in a couple days.

I’d like to stay away from orals, due to my kidneys and liver. Since this is my first cycle, I want to stick with test only to make sure everything stays normal health wise. I have high BP, so I have to monitor that. Have had it for a couple years now.


Maybe. I never did. Its wise to have some on hand in case. This concerns me though…

So your BP will likely get worse on increased Test. Just keep an eye on it in case you have to bail.

So, you should do with caution. A little can provide a big help.

Is this a pre-existing condition?

Which begs the question, can you provide us with some specifics about yourself?

  • Age
  • Weight and approximate percent body fat
  • Years trained with weights
  • Any compromising health conditions
  • Strength in compound lifts
  • Goals from weight training

I’ll get some AI. Surprisingly, it didn’t change when I went to 200wk, although that’s not a lot. I check it twice a day and keep a close watch on it. That’s why I want to take my cycles slow.

Are you on blood pressure medication?

24 (I have low test, before you say anything about age)
5’9 231 this morning. Not sure on BF, but I have a 6 pack and vascular.
7 years
High BP, kidney and liver enzymes slightly elevated every time I get blood work done. Dr said no heath conditions, though.
Don’t dead lift, but I pulled 545x2 6 months ago the last time I dead lifted. Don’t squat heavy, but did 495 4x8 last week. Don’t flat bench, but worked up to 335 2x6 on incline bench yesterday. I don’t do 1 rep max on anything, as I don’t really see the point.
Goal is to continue to gain size and low BF. Goal weight is 260 (giving BP stays ok.)



Extremely impressive numbers. And essentially not taking AAS (apart from high TRT.)

You have some freaky genetics. I would really appreciate seeing some pics.

Also, I’d like to have @hankthetank89 comment on your accomplishments with little to no pharmaceutical assistance.

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