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Adding Surge During Workouts


Hi guys,

I'm planning to add 1 scoop of Surge Recovery during my workout and 2 scoops after. I would like to add some pounds of lean mass and I was wondering if any of u guys has tried this.



I now consume all of my Surge Recovery prior to and/or during training based on CT's recent recommendations and it seems to be working well so far. Still experimenting, though.


Just don't neglect the other 16 or so hours of nutrition. But I am doing the same as HK24719, and I like the results thus far.


thanks guys...but if u are drinking ur post workout drink before and during ur workout...what do you drink after? nothing? or u just wait an hour to eat ur meal...


Take some time and read through CT's peri-workout nutrition thread.



I had problem taking Surge Recovery + CH during workout

Surge Workout Fuel + L-Leucine + CH works wayyyyyyyyy better


awsomeee!!! thankss!!


I second this. I have been drinking about 1.5 scoops worth before training and another 1.5 scoops or so during training. It is all gone by the time I am finished. After I train, I wait about 45 minutes and generally have some leucine and a whey protein shake, and then a big solid meal 15 minutes or so after that. It's not the super high-tech PWO protocol people are talking about, but this works phenomenally well. I have been gaining muscle (albeit lost muscle) and strength at a very rapid rate over the last six weeks with this protocol.