Adding Supplements to Diet

I thought I’d run a thought by the old think tank to see if anyone had anything to add before I made a final decision.

I’m thinking about taking glucosamine and also phosphatidylserine if I can find it around here. The later of course is to help moderate potentially elevated cortisol levels.

Glucosamine appears to be a good idea for a couple of reasons. First, it has been shown to be good for joints, and I’m getting a bit older. Secondly, it appears to be play a role in leptin levels also. However, don’t know if the molarity given in the study means it could realistically have an effect at human consumption levels. I’d be taking it for joint protection.

There has been concern that glucosamine could negatively affect insulin resistance, but another study indicates that it doesn’t have an effect on blood sugar levels.

Anyone have any thoughts or ideas on these?

  1. The more recent info (including studies designed to investigate just this potential problem) seems to indicate that glucomasmime is not a problem re: insulin, so I would not worry.

  2. PS is probably a good idea. A few other thoughts re: stress:

–sufficient sleep.

–vitamin c is a crucial nutrient for numberous reasons and also helps the body when stressed e.g. at least 500 mg twice a day.

–modest cardio e.g. 3-4/week 20 minutes at say 70% MPHR (100% MPHR = roughly 220-your age)

–there is a relaxation exercise that I can recommend. It is very simple and if done for 2-5 minutes twice a day can make a big difference. PM me if you’d like it (this will give me a good excuse to write it up as I was talking with someone else on the board about this recently).

–ginko has also been reported to lower cortisol. although I don’t know the dose. This might be a good supplement to take anyway depending on your personal/family medical history.