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Adding Strongman Lifts


the equpment that i have is
Big odd shaped stones around 100'lbs
logs that i found on next to my street probally about 200-250 lbs
sandbags varying in weight.
im hoping to get a tire and some farmer walk handels soon.

How do you think i could add this into my workout. im following a basic full body wokrout 3 times a week Squats/deads and squat dead helping lifts on monday then wedensday cleans and front squats and helping exercises then friday bench press and helping exercses.


Personally, I do a separate day for the events, usually sat. You could also work in some of the lifts if you don't have the extra time - Farmer's walks and stones on squat and dead day, logs after benching, etc.


I have a separate day where I work all of my strongman conditioning.