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Adding Sprints

I was going to add sprints to my routine. I ran a search and didnt find how and when you should add them. I was thinking about doing the following:
Monday: squat day and endurance sprints
Tuesday: upper body and accel/top end sprints
Wednesday: hockey (high pace)
Thursday: dl day and endurance sprints
Friday: upper body and accel/top end sprints
Saturday: off
Sunday: maybe an arm workout since they are lagging pretty bad and maybe a low intensity pick up game at night

23 years olf, 185 wt, dl 285, squat 345
I would have 3-4 hours between lifting and sprinting. Endurance sprints would be 400 meters or 100 meters with short rest. Accel/top end would be flying 10-30 meter sprints and 10-40 meters sprints from a stand still. I might also do some quickness and agility drills on the sprint days. Is this too much or should i organize it differently?

I wouldn’t sprint more than three times per week. I would also put one of those days on Sat or Sun instead of during the week. I personally think you could reap the benefits of them just 2 days a week. Maybe Tuesday and Friday?

I’m wondering the same thing. Would like to hit each bodypart 2x for the week, add some sprints/energy system, intervals like CT wrote in an article. Shit, would like to throw in some complexes as well. WTF do I add this stuff in w/o over-training? Maybe sprints one week & complexes the next?

Alpha on here seems to fit it all in & not lose muscle. If one gets his rest & keeps eating it can be done.