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Adding Sprints



Hey everybody, im trying to lose weight, and doing that by following Thib's nutritional guidlines (link above). I'm currently doing Bill Starr's 5x5 (3 days a week of lifting) and would like to add sprints on 2 or 3 off days. Question is, how far should the sprints be (50 yards, 100 yards, what?) and rest time and number of sprints also I need help clarifing. Also, should I start out with 2 days of sprints or just start with 3?

One more question: I would like to use my ipod while sprinting, but does anyone know how to wear an ipod so it doesn't get in the way while sprinting? Seems to me having it in my pocket wouldn't work great. Thanks for any help.


Just pick a distance and try it out for a while. When it gets easy move to a longer distance. In the same way, just try a few sprints each session at first then work up.

Sprinting is not easy. And it can tear you up (recovery-wise) so watch that. Start with one or two days and see how your body takes it.

I just hold my ipod in my hand while running/sprinting. Seems to work better than using one of those armband things.


take long rests when sprinting. it will help you not “tear up” as much and will still burn calories.


I alternate 30 seconds all out, 30 seconds walking, and do that 20 times. Not sure if that’s optimal, but it feels good and hard.


Alright, thanks for the advice. I think i’ll start out with 6-8 50 yard sprints on the first day and progress from there. How long should recovery times be then? Like 30 seconds between sprints?


Start slow and short (50 or 100 meters) with longer rest. As you get in shape, shorten the rest and add a little distance here and there. Don’t rush it, you’ll drop the weight.