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Adding SPRINTS to my PLing Program


Hey guys! I was wondering how I would incorporate sprints into my program? I just completed the USAPL TX meet (my 1st meet!)April 9th so I am in the recovery process still a little bit. My workout program is going to be:
Sat: Squat
Sun: off
Mon: bench
Tue: deadlift or off
Wed: off or deadlift
Thur: GPP conditioning (prowler, sandbag carries, sled, etc)
Fri: off
My schedule is always flexible and I will rest an extra day here and there if i need to. I didnt do the GPP conditioning before my last meet but I really want to add it in. I understand that is probably the best day to start sprinting, but I dont know how much to start with at this point. Thank you for your help!!!


You can have:

Sat: Squat
Sun: Sprint
Mon: bench
Tue: deadlift
Wed: off
Thur: GPP conditioning (prowler, sandbag carries, sled, etc)
Fri: off

I do hill sprints twice a week, Tues and Saturday.

Saturday is conditioning day just like yours, loads of carries,prowler push and pull, kettlebells and at the end, 6 to 8 rounds of sprints in one of hell of a bitchy steep hill.

My week usually looks like this:

Mon: Quads

Tues: Chest +Shoulders and Sprints

Weds: DLs +Hams

Thurs: Rest

Fri: Back+ more legs

Sat: Conditioning + hill sprints

Sun: Rest


Just avoid any sprinting/dragging/prowler pushing the day before you'll squat/deadlift.


Awesome thank you so much for your help! Is there any other cool training techniques that could help me? I am trying to drop some more bodyfat over the next 6wks for a photo shoot while maintaining my strength. I dont really lift like a powerlifter, I prefer to do heavy lifting but also include things to keep me more atheletic than someone who only squats, benches and deadlifts. I have a training log on here listed under RAW FEMALE POWERLIFTING training log...or something like that. I would love any feedback you guys could give me :slight_smile:


I let my nutrition dictate how I look more so than my training. My training is always geared towards being as strong as possible while still looking good nekid and being able to sprint when I need to.


I'll check your log :slight_smile:

I suppose you'll have to tweak your nutrition if you want to get ready for that shoot. I'm into Powerlifting but there're times when I need to look a little bit leaner for fitness or eye candy Photo shoots. And my training routine and nutrition gotta change. Especially nutrition. I've got to be careful though as I don't want to lose too much weight and lose my strength.

During the 6 weeks that lead to my shoots, I'd usually do a shit load of conditioning (3x a week) and increase the intensity at which I lift. I'd be at the gym 6 times a week, even on conditioning days, still doing compound movements but focusing more on assistance exercises. My reps will be within the 15-20 range at high intensity and at 75 or 80% of my 1 rep max. Supersets and Drop sets are also quite good.

But that works for me. Can be different for someone else.