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Adding sprints to a block


Coach Thib,
When distributing volume to a block, what is the best way to distribute sprint/agility work?

For example:

Strength Block

60% Strength
20% Power
10% Hypertrophy
10% Sprint/Agility

I know how to determine the ammount of reps for strength, power and hypertrophy, but do you have any suggestions that might make distributing speed/agility work easier?

Thanks, Coach.


Sprint work can be divided into three broad categories:

  1. acceleration work (10-30m full speed)

  2. top speed work (30-80m generally flying: meaning gradually accelerating for 10m then going to top speed)

  3. Tempo running (submaximal running)

1 and 2 are very draining. 1 is most draining on the CNS (so it should be included after 1-2 days of full rest, or first if done the same day as a strength workout). 2 is most draining on the muscle and energy reserves so it's best performed right before a 1-2 days break (to allow to full recovery afterwards). Tempo running can be performed pretty much anytime, even as active recovery from and intense workout.