Adding Something to Test C

I’m doing 100 mg test c now twice a week. Want more strength and mass. Should I add more t or another injectable. Don’t want orals.

That’s akin to a high TRT dose. Safest route if you are against orals is more T. Other friendly compounds include EQ, Masteron, and Primo. Eq and Primo could add a little bulk but most require highish doses for both to do so… so again… more T.

Had a great response to t. What’s a good up dose. Not serious bb just want the next level non cycle bump.

Are you on trt?

Yes but have access to others if needed.

If you bumped it to 400mg a week for 12 weeks and you put in some effort at along with a good diet, you will be blown away with the results.

Just some fyi, no matter if you plan on doing multiple cycles or you just want trt with one or two blasts and nothing else, you need to pick gear as if you will fall in love with this life and run gear until something seriously breaks some time in your late 50s or 60s. Just assume you will be doing more down the road and with that you should use your first time with any new hormone strategically. Your first time will usually be your best response per mg used so save those first times until 600 mgs of test doesn’t really get any significant results. Really you should always get results with 600mgs of test but get a few cycles/blasts with just test then add in something new like EQ or masteron.

Really we control gaining or cutting with diet and believe it or not well over 90% of us can easily achieve our goals with just using Testosterone.

So go blast that test, put on a solid quality 10-15 pounds of LEAN mass and enjoy the ride. If you just roll back to your trt dose of 200mgs then you should keep all of the gains and you can use your cruise/trt level time as a slow steady “cut.” Really it’s more like work on definition during the cruise but the end result is close enough to say “cut.”

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