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Adding Some Flavor to Whey Protein


Hi guys,

I recently bought a huge bag (33 pounds) of natural whey concentrate (no added flavored) So I was wondering if you have any ideas of something I could add to it in order to make it more tastefull without altering its nutritionnal content?

I get bored very easily with that taste...but it is a very good deal for good protein quality though...

Thanks for help.


I use various flavors of jello pudding. It alters the nutritional content some, especially if I use oreo cookies and creme flavor, but it does make it taste like an ice cream sandwich.


how about fresh fruits? Though I dont know if you want the carbs... thats what I always do, I usually buy vanilla flavored stuff and add bananas or any other fruit in there along with milk, or peanut butter.

BTW. Just thought I would mention a co-worker was bored and tried the tuna shake... he wasnt impressed LOL


Tuna shake? Yuck.
Eat the tuna separate!

I've heard that coffee, milo (chocolatish drink stuff), malted milk, etc are good for plain whey...

I can't stand it though, tried a sample once and threw it out - nothing I added to it could make me like it!


Cocoa Powder, Splenda, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Vanilla and Almond extract...all in one shake! These ingredients are calorie-conscious BTW.

I add Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Splenda, Vanilla Extract to different fruit shakes (mango, papaya, banana) as well.

Try canned Pumkin, pumpkin pie spices, vanilla extract, splenda and milk.


If you bought a 33lb bag....I'm going to guess you bought it from a certain store in Cali..and it was packaged in a brown bag..or atlest that's how they used to do it. If that's the case the stuff tastes like a lunch bag and there's not much you can do. If you want just a straight protein shake...try cocoa and splenda maybe? Other than it's actually great to bake with.


If you bake with it, don't you risk it denaturing? Or am I just overly cautious?


If I remember correctly it "unfolds" itself. But if you wish to use that arguement why would ever eat a row or protein bar then?


I've been buying plain whey powder recently and have had the same problem. It depends on whether or not I'm having a protein/carb or protein/fat meals, but various ingredients that have worked are berries (stronger flavour than banana), a tablespoon of honey, peanut butter. After a workout I have even added gatorade powder.

I remember that Chris Shugart once posted a Cool Tip which suggested using baker's flavouring to help with plain protein powders. I haven't been able to find the right product yet, and normal vanilla or chocolate essence doesn't seem to work too well, but that is another idea if you can find the right ingredients.



I'm pretty sure I bought the same bag you are talking about :wink:(and in the same internet store) by the way...its good protein quality right? (if you don't consider the taste of course...hehe)

Thanks for your tips guys but I dont want to add carbs to the shake I just want to make it a little more tastier.

And I was really not able to find the highly concentrate baking flavoring thing here in montreal... (cool tips of Chris Shugart) that was why I was asking for some other stuff...

By the way...is there anyone here in quebec who knows where to find this stuff?? I would appreciate if you could link me to a place where I could buy some...



As far as the quality....they do something I wish a lot of other companies would do....they have their products tested and show us the results. I hate to say it but not even Biotest does that for us. So you know what you're getting with them. The tests are on the site somewhere...

As far as the quality...it's concentrate which is OK. It has its upsides and downsides. It's the most cost-efficient protein though.



Did you ever buy their isolate whey powder? which also seems to be very cheap and high quality (around 92% of protein concentration if I remember...)


Yes. IN FACT I just put it in my shaker bottler with their dextrose for my workout. I use the two of those and cocoa. The taste? Nowhere near as good as Surge...but it's a lot cheaper.

Honestly I'd prefer to use only Grow! and Surge..but when I ran the numbers on how much of the stuff I'd use vs. my regular stuff...I was looking at almost $3500-$4000 a year alone on Grow! alone! Hence I stick with the cheaper stuff from costco and save Grow and Surge for V-diets.


1 scoop of powdered skim milk and a squirt of chocolate or strawberry milk...