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Adding Size with GH/GH Peptides?

In the context of putting on muscle size, has anyone actually noticed an increase in ability to do so during a cycle with the addition of HGH or a secretagogue like MK-677? I am very curious about the theory that it can have a synergistic effect with anabolics and cause hyperplasia.

If you want to add mass with HGH, you will need huge amounts which is prohibitively expensive. A PED cycle coupled with copious amounts of food and training will achieve your goas much faster.

Re: HGH levels, 2-3 iu/day is maintenance, 4-5 iu/day is fat loss and 8-10 iu/day is mass gains. Considering that the cheapest but still good quality GH costs about $170/100iu, a mass cycle could cost $17/day or $510/month

EDIT: Sorry I saw a mistake in my math. Corrected now.

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No. 9 months using Tesamorelin/Ipamorelin blend 6 days a week and didn’t notice any ‘supersized’ gains

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