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Adding Size To My Chest

Could someone tell me an effective workout that could fit in a 2 day a week full-body workout or upper/lower split that could increase size on my chest without much on my arms? Basically my chest is 39.5in but my arms when flexxed are 14 1/4.

I’m thinking of putting in dumbbell flyes 4x8-12, and with that 2x10-12 rear lateral raises, 2x10-12 external rotations (for posture reasons).

The rest of my workout is as follows

Day 1:
Squat 3x8-12
Bench Press 3x8-12
Bent-Over Row 3x8-12

Day 4:
Squat 3x8-12
Bench Press 3x8-12
Power Clean 3x3-5

My diet is intact. To make it short, I eat as much clean food as I can, and I stay away from garbage.

For day two…try a different movement in place of squat (deadlift?) and bench (dips?), and then, try different rep ranges, totally different from that of day 1. That will give your body a different stimulus and keep you from stagnating. (just thought I’d throw that out there anyways)

Go nuts with adding flyes in, but really, just work some basic stuff and put size on all over. THEN worry about “tweaking”.