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Adding Sandbag Workout to Boring But Big


I have bought some sandbags (10Kg, 30Kg and 60Kg), Slam Balls (20Kg and 70Kg) and mini farmers walk handles.

I am now planning to introduce a fifth workout alongside the 531 Boring But Big Template - using the above equipment. My BBB workouts will be done on Mon (Shlds), Tue (Squat), Thrs (Deadlift) & Fri (Bench). The workout below will be on a Sunday morning.

I have come up with the workout below - please feel free to critique.
I will run this as a circuit followed by farmers walk at the end.

Circuit 1:
Zercher Squat (10Reps)
Shoulder loaded squat (10 Reps)
Split squat (10 Reps)
Cleans and overhead throw (10 Reps)
Sandbag One Arm Throws (10 Reps each arm)
Suit case carry (20Meters x 10)
Bear hug carry (20 Meters x 10)
Waiters Walk (20 Meters x 10)

Circuit 2:
Sprint and carry bags/slam balls from A to B (25Meters). Then sprint/carry from B to A. I don’t think I’ll be able to sprint with the heavier weights but I will try!

I plan to repeat both the above circuits 3 times each. Please feel free to make suggestions/alterations.

Thank You


If you want to do that, that’s fine. As long as you keep the poundages reasonable, like walrus training.

However! I’d rather just do 3 or 4 movements for 50-100 reps. Or use the sandbags after your main work for assistance. Dips/pushups, sandbag row/chinups and sandbag goodmornings/split squats/bear hug squats/sandbag squats you’ll be golden!

Honestly, if there was one 5/3/1 template I wouldn’t want to add any extra work to, BBB is it. If you’re doing it right it’s a shit ton of work already. If you want to add sandbag work, you’re likely better off using 5’s Pro or original 5/3/1 with modest assistance. Or you could keep assistance high (50-100 per group) and lift 3 days a week with a 4th sandbag day. For myself, I’m planning to run 5/3/1 2 days per week (Beyond version 1) and have 1-2 sandbag/strongman days as my next cycle.

@garagerocker13 100% agree. I attempted an extra workout this week just gone and I’ve not recovered fully yet. So my plans for an extra session are over.

However I did enjoy the carrying exercises and farmers walk. Made me gas out and sweat, so i’m going to aim to do a carrying exercise once a week after a 531 workout.

Can I ask what exercise routine are you using?

Glad you’re willing to look at your evidence objectively :metal:

I’m currently running original 5/3/1 with 50-100 reps per group of assistance and try to run once a week and do 15-20 minutes of something strongman-ish once a week. I’m right on the edge of recovery though, one bad night of sleep will get me in trouble. For the summer I’ll probably do twice a week 5/3/1 with 1 strongman day and 1 long cardio day.

I just got a big Cerberus Strength sandbag so will probably incorporate it in the coming weeks.

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