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Adding Rack Presses

I’ve decided to add rack presses to my chest/tri day and I’m looking for some advice. I’ve switched to a ramping style (finally)

Is this a movement that could/should be ramped also? It seems like it will lend itself very well to a rest pause ME set, so I’ll likely do that.
Should I use a narrow or medium grip?
I normally don’t bench like a powerlifter (back is flat on bench, wider grip to lessen elbow flare)will that be ok?

Thanks in advance


Yes use ramping. Just like a regular bench press, a narrower grip will target your triceps more so use a grip based on your goal with the Rack Presses.

Ramping seems to work just fine. As far as the wider grip, I would think a narrower grip would keep the elbows from flaring out and in a more tucked position. especially if you have long arms like I do.