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Adding Protein At a Calorie Deficit

  Howdy.  It's been a while since I lifted seriously but I've been getting back into it for the last 2 months or so.  I've had some pretty significant gains in strength and have dropped from a bile-inducing 24% BF to a mere stomach-turning 20%.

I want to continue building muscle and shedding fat. My long-term BF% goal is single-digits.

I have been using creatine and protein powder. The protein is all gone and the creatine (which I don't really like because it has too much sugar) is low.

I'm looking at getting some Biotest products next. Specifically the Metabolic Drive protein, German Creatine, and maybe HOT-ROX.

My question is this...since I have a lot of fat to burn I'm working at a calorie deficit. Being at a calorie deficit, am I getting the intended benefit from the protein or is it going to be simply burned as fuel?

Essentially, should I buy and use the Metabolic Drive or just continue to shed fat and then bulk and add protein later when I'm less blubbery?


If anything, you want to consume more protein while dieting.



There's nothing wrong with adding in some Metabolic Drive. It's a protein supplement to help you hit your protein numbers. It's all about fitting it into the parameters of your diet.

BTW if you're looking for a good diet, run a search for T-Dawg 2.0.


Thanks for the tips. I guess I'll be ordering some Metabolic Drive! I gotta admit that was the answer I was hoping for. I want to keep supping protein. I feel like it's been helping and it's good to have the confirmation.

I'll look into the T-Dawg 2.0 diet. I haven't been following a diet plan exactly. I just been trying to eat better in general (with mixed success honestly). But the bf is dropping. Ducked just under 20 as of this morning!


Getting all your protein is MORE important while dieting, otherwise your body tries to cannibalize your muscle tissue. If you're getting enough through whole foods, then great, if not, then you should definitely use a protein powder. I prefer low carb Metabolic Drive vanilla.