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Adding Primo Cycle to 120mg Test/Wk

Im going to try Primo for the first time 600mg a week
Im on TRT 120mg test C a week, should i up my trt dosage while i run Primo? Anyone with experience on this? Dont want to crash E2.


I did the same thing earlier this year. Trt was 120 and I added 600 primo. Got through only five weeks before gyms closed, sadly. But during that time I had no noticeable difference in any aspect of life. So for me there was no impact on e2. I’d say start where you’re starting and if you notice that you’re getting low e2 symptoms go ahead and up your test dose. Maybe have some extra HCG or dbol on hand in case you need to get the e2 up quickly. But chances are that simply increasing the test dose will start to work within a few days and the impact will be obvious within no more than two weeks. Ymmv on that last part, obviously.

Much appriciated mate, thanks!

I’ve done a similar thing with masteron. Trt dose plus 500mg mast a week. I didnt find i needed an ai (I dont use one for trt) and I got some good results on it as a cutting cycle

How much test have you run in the past? Test has a lot more bang for the buck compared to primo (from my source, primo is almost 6x the cost per mg compared to test, and test is the stronger compound). Some get a lot of issues on high test, but others don’t. If you don’t, running test higher is going to provide more gains (probably significant if you were to go up to 4-500 per week). It’s what I would do, but I seem to not get a lot of sides.