Adding Power Cleans. Please Help, Jim

I have been training with 5/3/1 for the past year.
My current lifts are:
Squat: 455
Deadlift: 525
Press: 190
Bench Press: 275
I have just started adding Power Cleans to my training.
I am currently doing them on Deadlift day, prior to Deadlift.
I train 4 days per week.
5/3/1 on the main lift: 50-100 pull, push, and core. Agile 8 followed by box jumps and med ball slams for the warm-up.
My question is how do I program them?
Do I continue to add 5 pounds per session as one might on a novice linear progression program?
Should I do them twice per week, perhaps Squat and Deadlift day or is one day enough?
My weight on them is currently 85 pounds for 3x3; I started them with the empty bar.
Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

It looks like you have a pretty good grasp of 5/3/1; you’ve just missed the part where Jim says to do cleans just like the other main lifts. Follow the 5/3/1 rep scheme with 80-90% for a TM. Do them before squats or dead lifts. Add 5-10lbs to your TM after each cycle based on how you’re progressing. I think you’ll add weight pretty fast once you start to dial in your technique.

Search the forum and you’re going to find examples of how people program cleans–some even from Jim himself.

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You can do them on any day; I wrote a bunch of stuff recently on this forum about this very subject as well as how we program them. How much one increases the TM has a lot to do with the individual so it impossible to say; as long as you progress in some manner and do so slowly, you will make great progress.

When you treat training like “testing” and try to lift as much weight as possible, as soon as possible, is when you take a huge training dump. So be smart, check out the posts on this forum regarding the Olympic movements. And as always, when you add something in, something has to come out. So adjust accordingly.

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Thanks for the help. Looking forward to the new book!