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Adding Plyometrics


I'm currently looking to add plyometrics to my current routine mainly to improve my vertical jump and am wondering what would be the best way to do this, in terms of how many sessions per week, exercises, exercises per session, etc.

My current stats are
BW- 155lb
Olympic-style Back Squat- ~300lb
Deadlift- 405-410lb
Power Clean- 210-215lb

My lifting Schedule is currently
M- Arms
T- Back
W- Legs
TH- Shoulders
F- Off
S- Legs
SU- Off


Today's article, Explosive Days for Muscle and Strength, has a full 6-day program to consider.

Thibaudeau also had an older program for improving vertical jump:

I'd start by looking into either of those. Just based on your bodyweight and power clean, you've definitely got some solid power to you. It's just a matter of giving it some priority and focus.