Adding Orals On Trt vs Clomid Therapy


First off, im not sure if this should be in the anabolic forum or this one.

People on TRT can add oral seroids and keep most gains since they are on trt. Could people on clomid therapy like 12mg eod, run some oral steroid or will this stop the effect of clomid? I know injecting T will stop the effects from clomid, but is there any steroid that you can add that wont do this?

SERMs [Clomid] can be used with TRT to maintain LH/FSH as an alternative to hCG when hCG cannot be obtained. Please reconsider your question.

Orals can mess up liver function causing high E2 levels and increased SHBG that erodes FT. Elevated E2 can really mess with perceived TRT benefits. Labs should be TT, FT, E2, AST/ALT as a minimum. You can always test LH/FSH to explicitly understand your concern. If your E2 is balanced or reasonable, may not be after adding orals.

Not all orals are the same or risk free. Suggest that you avoid prohormones and most junk marketed/hyped on the internet.

Thx for the answer!

I mean clomid only without trt.

So running 12.5mg eod day, could you add anything oral anabolic to this, or will this stop the effects from clomid?

to my knowledge, there is not a single oral steroid that does not cause shutdown at least to some degree. so no, you could not run an oral alongside clomid therapy.

You guys are missing the point. With the HPTA shutdown of TRT, a SERM will turn on pituitary secretion of LH/FSH. If you can’t then see how that applies to the topic at hand, I do not know what to say.

Some guys on TRT+SERM have high LH/FSH levels and all of the T–>E2 problems in the testes that I am constantly cautioning against.

Thx for the help!