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Adding Omega-3's to Foods for Kids


my daughter (6 yo) likes to eat fish oil pills as a snack. she actually asks for them, and thinks they taste good. She has been eating them since she was about 2 yo.

My son (2 yo), cant stand fish oil in any form at all, and spits it out immediately. This creates an awful mess to clean up.

So i have been trying to think of ways to increase his omega-3 input by adding flax seed meal and fish oil to foods that he likes. for example I mixed it in his almond butter:

2 cups fresh ground almond butter
1/2 cup flax seed meal
2 tbsp olive oil

I am wondering if anyone else has any clever ideas for introducing omega-3's into food. I am trying to get enough variety, so that in any given day he will have gotten some. Their doctor said around a gram a day is good.


I suppose you could try the lemon flavor fish oil.

Both my boys took right too the fish oil. Both initially would bite them and spit out the remains of the gel cap but swallow the oil. Now they both swallow the caps whole. I have an infant girl and I'll probably start pushing the fish oil on her in a year. I hope she takes to it like the boys.


yeah - my daughter still bites the caps and spits out the gel case. She really just likes the fish oil. I tried one once and man was it gross. One time, when she was about 3, i caught her under the table eating them like candy.

ive tried both the lemon and orange flavoured fish oil. My son is having nothing to do with either one.


I just got some barleans lemon swirl fish oil. It is the best tasting fish oil I have ever had. My kids love it. I give them a couple teaspoons/day and they always ask for more. It has more of a smoothy type consistency. My kiddos like salmon too so I try to make that for them every once in a while too.


Target has some kids omega 3 gummy bear things I saw once. There's some other flavored chews you can find if you look around, I know I've seen more than one.

I wish my parents would have given me omega fatty acid supplements when I was young... ;(


try Coromega Omega. its a gel you put on a spoon and with an orange flavor. my three year old will ask for it if i forget to give it to him. add a drop or two of liquid vit d and all set to go.

it now comes in many different flavors.

i am not sure if i buy the 300% more absorbtion claim though.

Epa 350 Mg N/A*
Dha 230 Mg N/A*


i have seen the gummy bears - the epa/dha levels in it are really low. i think its 75/25 for two.

i have not seen the gel though. That sounds like it could be promising.


Do they really need it at that age? I ask seriously as I have a 10 month old. I would like to set up every advantage nutritionally for him as I can.


My 11 month old gets hers through my wife. One way or another, I force omega 3's into all my family members. Vit D too.


Funny thing is, nothing's really new with nutrition (just as nothing's new with training). When my 76 year old mother was a little girl her mother would make her take a spoon full of cod liver oil every day. Unfortunately for me, my parents generation bought into the idea that doctors know best and new and improved really is improved. My mom's doctor told her formula was better than breast milk so that's what my brother and I got. Doctors didn't say anything about fish oil and they must know better than grandmother. Processed foods must be better than whole, after all, look at how many vitamins & minerals are added etc.


my wife was on Flameout when she was pregnant and breastfeeding. my son was supplemented with Flameout since day 3 and now cro omega. i would say he is of above avergae intelligence.

In fact, our brains are primarily fat, 60% by dry weight! And DHA, the most plentiful fatty acid in the brain, is crucial to brain health,


my kids doc is all for it actually. especially given my families history of heart disease and obesity. If the kid is breast feeding, just start taking 5 - 7 gms a day. thats what my wife did. My daughter has been taking a gram a day for most of her post breast feeding life.

as for increased IQ. my kids are smart, but there is a lot more to intelligence then popping a pill. So its hard to say, but it certainly does not hurt. A severe deficiency can cause a lower IQ as well as obesity and ADHD.

i do too. Vit D is pretty easy. I give it to them in a drop as a reward for cleaning the house. same thing here, the kids doc said we should be doing it.


Try the almond butter from Trader Joes with roasted flax in it. it is high in omega 3s


Hahah. That's freakin hilarious! Good for her.


Nordic Naturals for Kids.