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Adding Olympic Style Multi-Joint Lifts

i am currently doing a push/pull routine where i hit each muscle (except legs) twice a week… I just got back into lifting and wanted to try some multi joint olympic style lifts like hang cleans etc…

Typical week looks like this
MON:push TUE:pull FRI:push SAT:pull SUN:legs

Any suggestions on what olympic style, multi joint excersises to throw in besides squat and deadlift (already doing them on leg day). Any suggestions are welcomed.

My main goals atm are weight loss, but i am lifting hard b4 my cardio(which i do 5 days a week) to try and retain some mass…

Ty in advance!

The three that pop in my head are Clean Pulls, Push Press and RDLs.

Now… the Clean Pulls are used to build speed+strength for the clean so the reps are between 5-1. My coach likes to make me do Clean Pulls with up to 20% more than I clean for 3X2, 2x3, or 2x4. So I don’t think they will be useful to you if you start doing 12x3 with them, since they are not used for hypertrophy.

IF you do Clean Pulls I suggest you do them 1st. Then do squats/deadlifts/whatever. In Oly training we do the full lifts 1st, then the pulls, then squats, finally presses, etc.

that’s my 2cents.

youre welcome

Thanks for the advice… i tried the search but it seemed most people do either Olympic lifts or traditional bodybuilding lifts… i am kinda trying to incorporate both into a routine…