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Adding Olympic Lifts


I'm currently doing Defranco's Westside for Skinny Bastards (3 days/week) and playing soccer 2-3 days/week (1 game, 2-3 practices or pick up games), and I'm looking to add in some olympic lifting to increase my explosiveness and power - correct me if I'm wrong on assuming this will help. I love the strength and size gains I'm seeing each week with the Westside adaptation so I don't want to just quit that for a full blown OL program, but I'm not sure how to work in the olympic lifts. Any ideas? Here's what I've been toying with:

  • just add them in at the beginning or end of my current workouts. But then which day(s): ME upper body, lower body, or repetition uppper body?

  • take an additional day and just work OL. This may be easier in a few weeks when the season's over, and I have an extra day to train.

Either way I choose I could then focus on clean and jerks for 1-3 weeks, then focus on the snatch for a few. Or I can hit both each week.

Also, and maybe more importantly, I'm pretty new to OL. Other than a few hang cleans a few months ago I don't have much experience with these lifts. Any tips or suggestions getting started.

Thanks in advance.


Keep an eye out for my upcoming article on the snatch...


There was a recent thread on this, do a search. Basically, add Oly lifts to DE days as the first exercise. You can do Push Press on DE upper body and rotate between snatch/cleans on DE lower body.

Aim for 4-6x3 @ 70%-80% of 1RM.

For power and explosiveness, hang clean and hang snatch will be just as good as the full movement.

Remember, technique is everything so take it easy initially.


My advice would be to order Jim Schmitz's video and book (more like a manual). Both of them detail extensively the PROPER way to perform the Olympic lifts. In addition, you get a good workout program as well.


like Chints stated, you will definitely want to do the O-lifts first in your routine. They require more technique and thus you need to be at your freshest.