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Adding Oly Lifts/Plyos?


When is the best time to add Oly / Plyo's on a power lifting routine.

Should i allocate a seperate day althogether, or can i do 1 lift before the main strength lift or vise versa?


High Pull
Dead Lift


Dead Lift
High Pull


If you are going to do an Oly lift variation, snatch/clean on DL/SQ day, do them before. I cannot explain the reason why; however I have a friend who is an Olympic weightlifter who told me to always do explosive lifts first. Also, I know from personal experience that my legs are too fried after SQ and DL to have any leg drive left for an Oly lift pull variation.

What kind of plyometric exercises do you want to add? Lower body, upper body, box jumps, plyometric push-ups, etc..?

I used to do box jumps, standing broad jumps, or jump squats hours after I SQ or DL when I was fresh. I took that amount of time in between because my goal at the time was to increase my box jump height, standing broad jump distance, and jump squat reps significantly.

If I did low box jumps for conditioning, I would do them right after my weightlifting session.

It depends on what your goals are with plyometric exercises.

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I have been doing this for the last few months. As the last part of my warm-up, I will throw in an olympic lift variation on DE lower days, a jump variaiton on ME lower, and plyo push-ups/plyo pull ups on Upper days. I feel like the jumps have made the most difference and has a better carry over to my powerlifts when compared to olympic lifts.

Always do plyos right after your warm-up. If you try to do them when you are even a little bit fatigued, then you are just conditioning and not working on explosive strength.


Okay cheers guys, yeah i was just unsure if it was applicable and if so, the best order to take.

I tried Hang Cleans before Squats earlier, and i felt pretty fresh.