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Adding NPP to TRT

So I have recently been doing a lot of reading around Nandrolone compared to testosterone for hormone replacement.

Looking at the pharmacodynamics of Nandrolone, it does seem to offer some good points in regards to its addition (not replacement) to Testosterone. The 2 main points being:

  • It does not undergo conversion to DHT by 5AR which in the long term would avoid any complications with regards to prostate enlargement and alopecia.

  • It has a much higher anabolic rating than testosterone, and for most of us on here looking for physique enhancement is certainly of interest.

From what I’ve gathered, ED caused by Nandrolone is due to its metabolite DHN “displacing” DHT in penile tissue. It is well known that DHT is the primary hormone in achieving and maintaining an erection.

With that in mind, I was thinking a 75/75/75 dose of Test/Mast/NPP could be more beneficial than running the same amount of mg’s in Testosterone only.

In theory, you would get the muscle building and joint protecting benefits of NPP, the DHT required to prevent ED from the Masteron and the benefits of low dose Testosterone.



Can anyone chime in with some studies in regards to the difference in cardiac hypertrophy between Test and Nandrolone? We know that all AAS cause heart damage to an extent, but which of the 2 may cause less?



I’ve always been taught and stuck with the idea that you don’t run NPP or deca at the same dosage as test. Test should always be higher to help prevent ED. Now I know there are some that say it doesn’t matter, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

The same was said about Tren and Test, we now know higher tren than test negates most sides.

Bro-science has always just thrown more test at the problem.

It’s safe to assume most common “bro-science” is dying and people are starting to experiment with AAS. “We’ve always done it this way” is probably the most harmful school of thought in most, if not all aspects of life.



Sing, this is the exact cycle I am planning for later this year. I read the same thing regarding the DHN displacing the DHT. Last time I had issues with Deca I was running very low test. I think the broscience of higher test/deca ratio works because obviously the more test you have the more DHT. However running mast would allow you to keep the test lower and combat DHN. I plan on running 200-300mast P/ 300-400 NPP / 300 Test P per week.

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I don’t have the link to any of the studies available (I’ll look later today), but IIRC nandrolone has a larger and faster impact regarding LVH vs testosterone. That being said, there are long term nandrolone users out there in the clinical world. The problem is that most of them are AIDS patients. Hard to compare the risks of that subset vs the generally healthy population.

I say give it a try, but get a battery of tests first and then repeat after six months. If you monitor your heart closely you’ll know if there is a change from the nandrolone and if necessary you can stop using it.

But test/nand/mast is about the best sounding combination for a guy in your position and with your goals.

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@blshaw Agreed, thats what one theory says so putting it into action would be good to see. Although I wouldn’t go that high on the test, I like to keep test at levels that do not require an AI so up to 150mg on a blast is enough for me. We are talking TRT levels here, but when I blast this cycle I think I’ll go with mast higher then NPP to be on the safe side, the last time I tried Nandrolone was in Deca around 10 years ago and had bad deca dick for almost a year. Since then, I just haven’t touched nandrolone but feel kinda brave now. I will probably go with 150/300/500 for test/npp/mast, for 8 weeks max, take a 4 week break then do something similar with tren leading into the next show.

@iron_yuppie Those are the studies I’ve found too, I have seen a few where there was no LVH on short periods of NPP use vs testosterone at 200mg each per week. I assume however since they are AIDS patients, a streneous exercise regime wouldn’t be in place which would contribute further to LVH in the gym rat, ie us.


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Why would you use a compound that gave you a limp dick for a year?

After my experience with NPP last year, I would never run it without Mast. In fact, the reason I’m running mast now is to counter the NPP dick

Because that was the decanoate ester plus I had never heard of the above DHN/DHT theory. @anon10035199

Does the Mast counter the NPP peepee? @studhammer


Mine is working wonders now!! LOL

Good to hear brother, whats the dosages of everything you’re on? @studhammer


I started at about 300/week and ran that for maybe 8 weeks but now that im on my last vial, i dropped it to 200/wk just to make it last @Singhbuilder

I know you were directing this a Singh but I had the same problem. I ran deca at only therapeutic doses… 200mg/week and it gave me ED issues too. However, I ran it with low test and an AI that caused my E2 < 5 pg/ml. So I think its a combination of issues for me. I figured trying NPP with mast would combat the issues mentioned above plus I dropped the AI a long time ago and I feel a healthy libido requires E2 which I didn’t have. I react very well to nandrolone as far as muscular benefits and I don’t believe the limp noodle is permanent.

With how much test and npp?


I remember physio saying that as low as 50mg a week would be beneficial for someone’s joints.

I actually got is prescribed to me from my TRT clinic for that reason. Well I told them it was solely that reason but I knew I would grow like a weed on it. Even at 200mg/wk I gained some quality muscle. The only thing was the TRT clinic had me drop my test from 140mg/wk to 80mg/wk and didn’t tell me to drop my AI. So I crashed my E2 while running it and between the nandrolone and E2 problem I developed ED issues. Thing is… in my mid 20s I ran deca/test 400mg/500mg twice with no issue. So I think I want to give it a go. NPP also clears your system faster so if I do get problems I’m hoping they won’t last as long.

Initially, it was 500 test and 400 NPP I think, but then little stud wasnt cooperating and I reduced the NPP to about 300 and bumped the test upwards of 750

Definitely an E2 issue.

Yeah funny part is I knew better. But I was so excited to get is prescribed to me I figured I would give their protocol a chance. Its been awhile and now I am recovered, I’ve also learned a lot in the couple years since I tried it. This is why forums like this are good. They help people advocate for their health and minimize risks.

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