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Adding Nolva to Arimidex for Gyno Suppression

Hey fellow TRTers
I have added Nolvadex daily to my regular arimidex dosing when I had flare ups of Gyno in the past but stopped using it immediately when the lump dissipated. I do not have any current painful lumps per se but do feel some deposits so have added some 10mg Nolvadex as I have quite a lot on hand as I had a monthly prescription when I did have the Gyno. Is it worth taking it as a preventative or can it crash your E2? Im pretty sure the answer is it will only work in the breast tissue but want to make sure and also see if anyone else does the same?
Current protocol is 125 Test E weekly with .25 arimidex Mon, Wed, Fri

I will do labs in a few weeks to confirm all is okay but so far this week have felt pretty flat adding the Nolva back into the mix. Only taking 10mg on Tues and Thurs

Drop the arimidex completely. You can use Nolva IF you sense the formation of a lump. Take it as long as needed until the lump vanishes then stop. It typically doesn’t return.

After 3-4 weeks daily Tamoxifen can make you feel like poo-poo. I wouldn’t take it just to take it.

Got it, so drop arimidex completely only if a lump comes on and use Nolva. Otherwise just use Arimidex as normal?

Yeah, I figured as much thanks mate

Don’t take the anastrozole either. Just keep nolva on hand so mentally you don’t worry about gyno.

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thx mate

I take the arimidex normally as E2 went too high without it, I had a few gyno flare ups too. I think I found my sweet spit at .25 mon Wed Fri

No need to worry about E2. If the number scares you, stop measuring it. It could be your body doesn’t like 125mg all on one dose and nothing for the rest of the week. You can try splitting up your dose in two. Estrogen is what actually makes you healthy believe it or not.

My E2 is almost 80 24/7. You don’t need the anastrozole. If you see gyno take tamoxifen.

Wow, maybe I will drop it and retest in 2 months- I inject twice a week Mon and Thurs. I’m in Australia and the lack of TRT doctors and knowledge is unbelievable here. I’m lucky I managed to find a doctor that prescribes Test E as I was on Reandron for close to 2 years as it is what is widely used here.

73 e2 here. No issues.

Your estrogen is crashed. I guarantee it.

Going to do some labs on Thurs/Fri next week as I’m away for work, will post

Have you considered having the surgery to remove the gyno?

Not that bad yet but will if required, when it flares up it’s a small somewhat painful lump that tends to go away after a course of the Nolva. A smallish lump remains but it is not that noticeable