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adding muscle

I am 34 and have been weight training for 1yr. and 1/2, I am 5’5 1/2" and 123lbs. I dont take drugs and am trying to get bigger but dont seem to be going anywhere anymore. I came off machines and went to straight bar and dumb bells and lost weight and bulk, what happened and what do I need to do to bulk up nore --i will openly admit that I dont have much knowledge I just ask questions and take what I want and leave the rest, if i see someone who has what I want I will try there workout or part of it. I am trying to stop sugar salt and all butter now to take off a layer of fat on my abs I have alot of power and endurance but I have leveled out??? Help

I’m getting a strong sense of deja vu, here. Did I just read a awfully similar post in this forum?

All right, gonna assume you are female. But need to ask a few questions: do you have a idea of what your bodyfat percentage is now? How many days a week are you training - or basically what's your routine? Exercises, sets and reps. Were you doing a routine entirely based on machines?

Have you read "The Beginners Blast Off Program? Or ANY of the diet articles in T-Mag? Like "Foods That Make You Look Good Nekkid" or "The Diet Manifesto"? Or even the FAQ section? Do that if you haven't but also, answer some questions about your current routine!

You have alot to learn before you will start making progress…start by reading the previous issues. Some must reads are “Massive Eating” and “Solving the Post-workout Nutrition Puzzle,” by John Berardi.

Also, just because someone has what you want, doens't mean their advice is worth listening to...most individuals you see in the gym don't know a lick about training and nutrition. This is the site to learn from. Honestly, no one response can give you the advice you are looking for. You are going to have do some reading and learning on your own...once you have a general knowledge, the people of this forum can help work out the kinks in your diet and training.

-Joel Marion

If your progress has stopped it’s almost certainly due to a deficiency in diet rather than your exercise program. Start learning about nutrition and you’ll start growing again.