Adding Muscle, Boosting Test

Hello all, I am age 37, and like most folks trying to have good quality lean muscle added to my frame. I do not eat healthy at all. I am trying to find out if most folks take fish oils supp even before multi vit. I am currently using NO Exp but I am up trying something different. I do have ON protein powder but there again I would like to put my money with proven products.

I would like to implement the shakes from Nutrient Timing written by John Ivy ph.d and Robert Portman ph.d

I am also looking for supplements to increase test. Thanks,

p.s. forgive me if these answers are somewhere on the board.

The answers are all over the place but in a nutshell, read the 7 habits article by Berardi. There’s a link in the beginner section. Supplementation will not help if you basic nutrition is the shits. Protein powder is good, fish oil is good, muli-vitamin is good. Take them all now. These should be considered food, not supplements.

There are lots of comments on Test on this section. Bottom line: get tested, if you’re low, undergo HRT.

Post workout, take high GI carbs and protein in liquid form.

You can read Nutrient Timing here:

What’s your body composition like now? How you proceed will depend on how much muscle you need to gain and how much fat you need to lose.


Thanks. I am 6ft and 184lbs. You would call me skinny due to my small bone structure. I was tested for total test level and it was 470. Not low enough for anything else. I will check the link.

I noticed you did not post that you were lifting…I hope so…or the program is wasted…if you are and you diet is not solid…you are wasting more effort…take a little time and read the posts…tighten your diet, lift correctly, then add the suppliments…the mass will happen. best of luck.

Sorry about that. I do lift most time 5 days a week. However for the next 30 days I am doing a routine out of muscle and fit that preps the muscle group before you hit them hard. It has alot of reps and on avg around 5 sets. The reason I am doing it is I have hit a plateau and I was bored. But looking at this site I hope to know more and be able to build a solid routine for the next 6 weeks. Thanks

That’s all you really need to know. Quit fucking around and get your nutrition sorted out.

Yes, we all take fish oil. Now quit fucking around and get your nutrition sorted out.

Read this before you buy more No Xplode:

Protein shakes can be excellent additions on training days to a solid nutritional program. Now quit fucking around and get your nutrition sorted out.

Excellent book. You should use shakes as they suggest… as part of a solid nutritional program. Now quit fucking around and get your nutrition sorted out.

I think I’ve made my point. You’re spending time worrying about minor details instead of focusing on the number one thing that is going to help you… A solid nutrition program.

Good luck and welcome!

It sounds like you need to get a good foundation in modern nutritional thought.

highlights of which are –

5 to 6 small meals a day
Protein at every meal

Adequate Amounts of Protein
Low-Glycemic Carbs (non-starchy non-sugary)
High quality fats (olive oil, omega 3)

In otherwords, I am saying WHAT HAPPYDOG SAID – GET YOUR NUTRITION SORTED OUT. . .Shakes and NOXPLODE are not enough to reach your goals and make yourself healthy

Others have pointed you to Dr Berardi’s 7 habits article.

I recommend that you buy his book, The Metabolism Advantage: An 8-Week Program to Rev Up Your Body’s Fat-Burning Machine—At Any Age

It is one of the clearest books I have ever read about diet and nutrition and how the body uses fuel.

It contains

– explaination of the science of nutritiion
– a food plan
– a weight workout
– access to an excellent online forum

About 16.00 – it would be worth it at 100 times the price.

Cool thanks for all the replys. I will try to get with it. I am looking to learn.