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Adding More Nolva?

Hey. Im doin a 6week cycle of 1AD, trans 4AD, MD2, 1TU. I know some of you think those are crap but its too late since i am on 4th week of it. Anyways, i bought some SNS Inhibit-E b/c i had pubescent gyno (like the post). However, i notice im getting puffier. I have nolva to use for PCT, week 7-10 40/40/20/20 respectively. Im wondering if anyone could say if it would be better to drop the Inhibit-E and start nolva on week 5 of cycle? So from week 5 till end would be nolva 20/40/40/40/20/20. What do you all think of that? Should i continue use of Inhibit-E and use nolva too (thyroid problems will arise?) or what? Thanks for your time.

if i recall correctly, arent you only 18?

sorry, but you must be thinkin bout somebody else… at any rate… any answers to the question?

bibbity bump bump. im just tryin to see if it is safe to take that much nolva in that time period. thanks all

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haha. well the thing is its all i could get. i knew i should have started the nolva but i didnt know if i shoudl use at same time. and i did ask around and was recommended to try Inhibit-E. Turns out that was dumb. Guess im startin the nolva early.