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Adding More Fiber?


How do you add more fiber into your diets? I eat fruit or veggies at every meal, but even that doesn't really add up to much....like 4 cups of lettuce only has 4g. of fiber. How do you add it to before bed meals?


One serving of oatmeal has 7 g of fiber I believe. Eat two servings of oatmeal in the morning with an apple and banana. Of course put some egg whites with it. This meal alone will supply you with about 16 - 20 g of fiber.


I mix 4 tablespoons of wheat germ (4 grams of fiber) into 1 cup whole milk plain yogurt (3 grams of fiber) before bed. I was surprised to see fiber in my plain yogurt. Who knew.


Use baby spinach instead of lettuce.


Eat better lettuce.

Spinach has about 5g/serving.
Pumpkin has 4-5.
Flax meal has 4 per 2Tbs.
Green and red leaf lettuce, romaine, ...stay away from iceburg.


All I can say is don't add too much psyllium husk (fibre) at once... I made this mistake(about 4 heaping teaspoons)a couple weeks ago and my guts were in utter chaos for about 2 days. Turns out more isn't better in this case!!!


One large red apple has 6 grams of fiber.


brocolli, dense veggies, whole wheat bread, high fiber cereals, oatmeal...

work up slowly (increase by 5 grams every other day) until you reach around 35 g per day!


35g a day? I eat 50-100 grams a day.


I use grounf psyllium seed. Yerba Prima is an excellent brand. 3.5 grams of fiber per heaping teaspoon. That is quite a wallop of fiber per teaspoon. There is no sugar or flavorings in their products so the taste is not the greatest but it works.


Like someone said earlier milled flax seed is pretty good, and you get some Omega 3's with it to. Its pretty cheap at a lil over a buck for a decent sized box.


In addition to eating my veggies, fruits, and taking Greens +, I also usually have one or two scoops of fiber-psyll. It's lemon lime flavor, not gritty like metamucil, and each scoops has 12 grams of fiber.


I get 35g alone from my all-bran breakfast cereal.


My baby spinach says half a bag is 2g, that is 1 3.5C serving.


I have found eating fruits and veggies with every meal gives me at least 40g of fiber everyday easily. When I see the facts that the average american gets 5 g of fiber, I sometimes have to read it 5 times over just due to the fact that if they down 4 servings of pretzels, which is common, they can take in 4 g of fiber alone.


oatmeal in the protein makes you shit zeppelins


as others mentioned lots of green veggies.

Also Fiber One and All Bran cereals

100% whole wheat tortillias


Oat Fiber. Raw Wheat Germ. Unprocessed Wheat Bran.