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Adding MK677 Cycle to TRT


I’m on TRT and would like to add some MK677 cycle

But I don’t know if the MK677 is legit.

Could it be PH/AAS and false my blood work?

Need to check

TESTO TEBG (binding globulin)

Thank for advices

If it’s from a reputable online company based in a country that is allowed to sell it then you should probably be ok. There are two major UK supp shops that sell all manner of goodies that are legal over there.

Hello, sorry for long answer…
So yes it’s about a reputable online company :wink:

So I think it will be fine and no change my TRT bloodwork about test.

I hope.

there should be 0 change on your sex hormones. only thing that should change which you can test via bloodwork (and therefore get proof if you mk is acutally mk 677) is IGF-1, it should be substantially above the reference range.

have you started already? what dose and for how long are you planning to run it? please let us know how the cycle goes.

TRT is 250 every 3weeks

MK677 will 25mg /day for 3 months

That is the worst trt protocol I’ve ever heard of. Did your doctor attend Hollywood Upstairs Medical College?

France have retard on protocol and TRT, I fight hard 2 years for have it…

France is such a contradiction. You’ve got the most beautiful city in the world, the most beautiful language, the best food, the best wine, and the worst doctors.

Go find the biggest dude at the next yellow vest rally and ask him where he gets his testosterone. Problem solved.

Edit: I’m joking. Do not actually do this.

I think also general bad development when it comes to housing, bathrooms, internet, …

France for a developed country is quite old-fashioned. I like France though.

And TRT is retarded in most European countries. US is a shining star when it comes to medicine, at least at the top.

Edit: Why in hell was a 2 year old thread in the new posts?

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