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Adding Milk to Surge


Should only water be used with Surge or is it okay to use milk instead? I took it for the first time today with water and could not stomach it. I did a search and could not find anything that said not to use milk. Anyone have any info on this? Or does anyone have any tips for enhancing the flavor??


"Enhance the flavor?"

It tastes like angel food cake! How much water did you put? Don't add milk, it will reduce the effectiveness considerably. Make sure you've got the right amount of water and it should taste good.


Keep trying it with water -- using the appropriate serving sizes. Also, make sure you aren't mixing it up to the point of having a lot of foam on top.

Surge is ideal, you don't want to be adding anything that will mess with either the absorption or nutrient profile.


I add it in with Carb Countdown (a high protein dairy beverage made by Hood) along with some chocolate protein powder. I've found that to be the best post workout shake for me. Others have best results just using it with water. Try whatever you like and decide what works best for you.


Keep trying it. I actually didn't enjoy the flavor the first time I tried it, but by the time I finished the first cannister, I was actually prefering the flavor over anything else. So maybe it'll grow on you?


I do think it grows on you. I recently started using it and at first found it sickly sweet. Now I'm starting to like it.


It would not be a good move. Milk protein is considered slow digesting therefore in conflict to Surge quick acting proteins.


put it in a shaker with water and chug it, it's not supposed to be dessert, it does a specfic job