Adding MENT to TRT

Hello all, i’ve done some blast with cruising on and off for about a year or 8. Currently i am on a cruise (2 months) where i use:
110mg test e EW ( about 15mg ED)
140mg Mast e EW (about 20mg ED)
10mg cialis ED.

I feel pretty good on this cruise however i read more and more about addind low dose MENT.
I’m thinking about adding in some MENT a for 5-10mg ED.
Anyone wanna shine in on this idea?
I hope to get a good mental feeling out of it and possible better libido (my libido is little above average now i guess).
Also would it be smart to drop the Mast or keep it in?

I get blood drawn in about 3 weeks so i could also wait for those results and decide after that.
However, already want to see what you guys think about this setup, or if i should adjust stuff etc.

The point of a cruise is to not use stuff. When you add stuff to a cruise it becomes just a shitty blast. You dont gain from it but you also dont let your body rest enough.
I would definetly just do test, drop the mast(at that dose it doesnt do shit), forget the ment. Clear bloodwork and then blast with normal dosages and actually get benefits from them.

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cruising at 350mg per week. looking to add more, on cruise. you must look fantastic.


I am no mathematician, but…

I understand your reasoning with being a ‘cruise’ only having testosterone. Thus so i did drop the mast because you probably right about it having no effect that low dose… I was just curious if it would do anything mentally or libido wise. However it is hard to say, so probably not.

I do still like the idea of putting MENT at 5-10mg a day on top of my 110mg test e cruise. Reasoning for this is that i read alot of stories that it helps alot mentally and libido wise. Even some people cruise on just MENT alone.

But there aint anyone here who did experiment with this? Or low dose MENT at all. To me it seems like a low test dose with low MENT dose would avoid any E2 issues aswell.

Also if you refer to my total cruise dose, yes it would have been 250mg total (110 test and 140 mast). Like i said though, i’m looking at a 100mg± test cruise with 35mg or 70mg MENT, wich would be 170mg max total. Wich btw is still less then the 200mg some consider as “TRT” here.

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the reasoning doesnt change the fact… mentally and libido wise 1g of test also helps… it doesnt change the idea that the point of the cruise is to NOT use extra stuff, so you can use it later.

if u still wanna do it, do it… no one can stop you and you dont have to ask for permission.

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This thread has me questioning life itself. A dream within a dream.

Also, add some denominators on your units. Save some poor soul from trying 70 mg/day of MENT.


Thank you for the link, i shall look into it!

You’re right, allthought i think 1g of test would grow me some nice tits, but i get your point.

70mg of MENT a day… that would be some nice estrogen bomb… But yeah it would be 110mg test e EW with 35mg-70mg MENT a EW.


I know you know, just looking out for others :slight_smile:


What did you wind up going with? Results?