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Adding Meat to a 6'3" Frame and Soon to Be 35

Hi all, new member here, thought I’d join and ask for guidance on bulking up and filling out.

I’m turning 35 soon, 6’3 and 77kg. Been going to the gym almost every day since the beginning of the pandemic but seem to lack the size and visuals to show it.
I’ve done PPL, upper/lower variations and a current mix of PPL for 3 days then Upper/Lower for 2 days and abs+arms for day 6. Day 7 is usually burpees and a hike.
Bench 1RM 95kg
Deadlift 1RM 160kg
Squat 120kg

I am on a 2000cal diet (160 - 180g of protein) as I want abs for Australian summer for the first time in ever.

Now I know bulking and getting abs are contradictory in nature but happy to do a slow bulk/ routine. My legs feel like they are really lagging behind in development as well.

Here are some pics of the current “rig”:

Welcome. What’s your progress been like so far?

Uhm, how’s your recovery? Idk what you’re doing in the gym, but 7 days a week of weight lifting would be quite hard to recover from.

That’s easy–lift heavy weights, and eat a lot.

That’s easy–lift heavy weights, and eat a little.

And yet, you’re alluding to pursuing them simultaneously anyway.

Here’s the bottom line. Your long-term goal is to be significantly bigger, but your short-term goal is to be significantly leaner. Absent heavy drug use (which I do not recommend), one cannot gain significant muscle and lose significant fat simultaneously. So, you’re gonna have to decide which one is more important to you, and pursue it. Just know that whichever you prioritize, it will be at the expense of the other.


Thanks for the replies. Does this sound like a good plan to gain some more size:
Reverse diet back to ~3000 cal in 100 cal increments weekly and do a PPL split (6 days a week) and day 7 stretching/hike.
I’m down to 76kg now from 77kg at time of making this thread and still no damn abs visible.

It’s been pretty slow and steady, the low calories lately have certainly slowed progress

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Develop a serious taste for chocolate milk.

You wrote you’re going to Australia. Remember great abs don’t usually win bar fights.