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Adding Max Rep 1-Minute Sets to DC Training

hey guys so I know dc training is an old gem but I figured I could try and add a little more volume to it to add a little more size without hindering recovery.

so the program will keep the same concept.

warm up sets followed by one rest pause set. with varying rep ranges. i.e. bench 315-8-4-3
the addition I’m adding is before the set I will take a similar exercise and do band work or just very light weight and do as many reps as possible in 1 min. I will also be adding it after the rest pause set before the extreme stretch.

what do you think. will this be too much?

I personally see no reason to do it before, unless you need a little extra warm up, but as you plan on doing warm up sets for your lift it’s pretty obsolete. I think it could hinder a key aspect of DC, beating your log book.

After maybe, could potentially pump some extra blood flow and nutrients to aid growth and recovery, it’s not going to make or break you but could help a little.

With DC your already on the lower end for volume, an extra set would not tip you over the edge. If you need it or not is highly individual, try it and see how you go.

After the work set would make more sense. Not a dropset but would increase TUT, which would be further increased by the stretch.

awesome man ill try it out ill post up the weekly progress on here.

so update I’ve decided to instead of doing light weight, doing light band work of similar exercise high repetition. what do you thing of the change?

What wasn’t working about DC before that necessitated this change?


How long have you been doing DC training?

Dante is like 275, all muscle. Maybe more. Do you think you can trust him to put the right amount of volume into his program to get you the most size possible?

I do trust dante but I feel like the original plan which is way different from tnations… I feel it was made for people on gear. I think adding some light band work is a good way to get blood into the muscle while adding a extra set in.

today I did the b day and ill I did for additional was banded curls, banded leg press, banded stiff legs, no weight was added.

i was getting stronger but i kept getting days where one side of my body would be sore as fuck but the other would be fine. and i would get half the reps on compound lifts.

To clarify, are you running DC to get stronger, to get bigger, or to get sore?

It’s primary purpose is that middle goal, but you mentioned nothing in that regard. I know great programs for getting strong, and great ones for getting sore, if one of those is your goal.

i’ve been going for getting stronger while putting on size.

Is one of those your goal?

the problem with running the original dc training is i would get to sore to workout. and with the tnation version. i would get a little stronger but not nearly as much as the original.

so i was thinking that extra set would do good for helping with the recovery while adding an extra 25-35 reps of low weight with band to get that added volume.

both are my goal. if that’s possible

It sounds like the program is meeting both of your goals. I don’t see a reason to change it.

it feels like the tnation one is to easy but the original is to much. that’s why im looking for something to kinda get in the middle

any suggestions?

(as far as I know)
The 2 way on t-nation is the very same split Dante advocates for beginners

that’s the problem i’m not a beginner. however im either not advanced enough or using gear. to use the original one without skipping days or getting injured.

To clarify, is your goal for a program to not be too easy or too much, or is it for a program to make you big and strong?

the goal is to get big and strong. but also be challenging.