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Adding Masteron E to180mg Test E/Week?

Would 200 mgs Masteron E give me any benefit or does it gave to be 400-600 , heard 800 as well but fuk that I’m not injecting that much oil in me - that’s 2ml twice a week plus my 180 mgs test e - 90 twice a week …

Anyone have any positive benefits on low dose Masteron ?

I believe the answers you seek could be found in Pharma.

I searched and didn’t find much and if anything it’s from years and years ago … would like to know up to date experiences

What sorta “benefit” are you expecting or looking for exactly.

The short answer is yes

Is Masteron used more commonly for cutting or bulking? I though I read it was more for cutting? I don’t hear much about it (on here).

I don’t know from personal experience, but my understanding is you should already be pretty lean which is where Masteron shines when dieting for a show. But again, no personal experience.

IMO, they’re all anabolic steroids for a reason. They build muscle. All the variations of test typically have certain qualities that shine for certain goals better than others.

I really don’t see it hurting you at all. However, EQ is a cheaper alternative unless you are using Masteron for a specific reason.

Wanting lean dry gains , but will that low of a dose help or will it be like taking 60 mgs test a week … worthless …??

If you’ve never run it, I’d play it safe to see how your body responds. 200/wk is probably plenty to start. It’s not a strong anabolic and it isn’t known for creating mass but will help hold on to muscle and not cause water retention.

You won’t get very much added gains so to speak from 200/week directly from the mass. But there is many other benefits of masteron besides as a pre-contest steroid which when it’s used for that it’s usually ran 400+ generally in the 6-800+ range.

Benefits you will get from 200/week
It lowers shbg allowing for more free testosterone, it act as sort of an AI, it hardens your muscle, it can raise your libido, it’s androgenic which will help in a calorie deficit or bulk by blocking fat storage.

Down sides it can cause anxiety, its a dht derivative if your prone to male pattern baldness masteron will speed that up, and for some people it can have negative effects on lipids, and acne from the androgens.


That’s the answers I was looking for , thanks zeek !!!

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FWIW I added 200mg/mast per week to my TRT as a bridge between blasts. It helped me retain my lean gains as well as libido.

Thanks for your input :+1:t2: