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Adding Mast-P to a Test-E/Tren-E Cycle


My next planned cycle consists of:

250mg Test-E (125mg 2x per week)
400mg Tren-E (200mg 2x per week)
200mg Mast-E (100mg 2x per week)

However, I accidently ordered Mast-P instead of Mast-E, and I am not sure how to handle this. I am hoping one of you can give me advice. Returning is no option, so I either have to:

  1. Order mast-e, and hope I will be able to use the mast-p in the future (unlikely as I prefer long esters).
  2. Remove the mast from the cycle altogether.
  3. Use mast-p instead of mast-e instead.

The last option has a couple of aspects I am unsure about:

  1. What week should I start adding the mast-p? Mast-E has a half-life of 4.5 days, while mast-p has one of 0.8 days but I am unsure on how to convert a protocol of one to an equivalent of the other. My guess would be at the start of week 3. How should I deal with the end of the cycle?

  2. Should I adjust my dosage to take into account the shorter ester? Mast-E has an active dose of 70% while mast-P has one of 80%. 200mg mast-p would translate to 140mg, this would be the same as 175mg mast-a (if my calculations were correct). I am tempted to not take this into account and just up the mast a bit (i.e. 200mg of mast-a / week, which would be 160mg).

If the advice suggests option 3, I assume I won’t get around pinning the mast-p eod. This is unfortunate, but no real problem.

Thanks in advance for any advice/help.

Remove Mast from cycle completely. Mast-P isnt safe for human consumption. Send it to me for further testing.


Just pin it eod. Don’t overthink it.