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adding mass

Hello all… I am inquiring about some advice on gaining upper body mass. I have been lifting pretty consistently for the past 3 months and I come from an athletic background having been a competitive cyclist for a number of years. I tend to stay on the lean side naturally and my frame is narrow. I am 29 years old, 5’10", 158lbs and 9% BF currently (the heaviest I’ve ever been). I would like to add a bit of size mostly through my shoulders, upper chest, and arms. What exercises/sets/reps/frequency would be most suitable for this. I hope I have provided enough information. Thank you for any advice.

You’re going to need a lot more than 3 months of lifting & a lot more food than you’ve been eating. If you want bigger shoulders, do lots of overhead presses, for bigger arms do heavy curls close grip benches & dips, & bench presses for chest. Use dumbells & barbells for everything. Make sure you eat lots & lots of good food & don’t give up too soon. You’re going to have to keep it up for a long time to get serious results.

If you want to add mass, eat a lot of protein and carbohydrates…probably at least 1000 calories more than you’re eating now, and do basic movements- squats, chins, deadlifts and bench press. You probably don’t need much more than that for now…maybe throw in overhead presses as the last poster suggested. Don’t do a bunch of cardio or endurance work, or you’ll just burn up the calories your body needs to grow. And make sure you get enough sleep and lots of water. Lift, eat, sleep, repeat…and use the search engine on this site to do some more research.

I agree with what the other guys said. Until I really started concentrating on the “big” lifts Bench, Pull-ups, dips, etc and eating everything in sight I gained little or no real muscle mass. Don’t forget about squats, deadlifts, and power cleans. there’s lots of info on this site to show you how to do them properly. Good Luck!

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20 rep Breathing Squats. A gallon of whole milk a day.

After 5 years of serious lifting and no gaining, I gained 14 lbs. (186 to 200) in 4 weeks by simply concentrating on squats, deadlifts, and dips. My waist actually dropped from 34" to 33" in the process. Don’t concern yourself if you are not doing big poundages compared to others in the gym. I can barely deadlift 150, but the poundages I am using are adding size to my frame. PS - EAT!!!
Good Luck