Adding Mass While Dropping Fat

hi im 17 years old and currently weighing 180pounds with a good muscular physique.i just wanted to know if I increased the calories in my diet which were lean protein from chicken breast n fat free protein shakes 2 get me up 2 195 pounds could i still lose extra body fat at the same time.

im currently doing c.v in the morning before breakfast twice a week for 20 mins coz if i do it in the morning im only burning off the fat n not the food im eating and if i increased my c.v do u think i could achieve my goal

Post a detailed description of your diet. Calories, macros, and meal timing. And your weight training. You are no doubt eating too little. And the training’s probably subpar too. Give some details, and you’ll get good advice.

Its probably possible for someone at your age to do,though like the above poster said we need more info. Also you have to realize that the results aren’t going to be extreme. You may lose 10 pounds and gain 5 in lean body mass over the span of a few months but its not going to be anything to write home about.

Adding mass while dropping body fat is the holy grail of anyone who trains seriously. It’s not impossible…but it’s very challenging to say the least. It will probably require a very meticulous approach to everything: training, sleep, nutrition, all the calories you’re burning while chasing the HS honies, etc.

I agree with the above posters…give us some more details