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Adding Mass - Carb to Protein Ratio?

Apologies if this should have been posted in the beginner section.

I am 16, 5’10", 145lbs and about 8% bodyfat. I am looking to add mass and right now am trying to figure out a basic nutrition plan:
~4000 cals/day
-200g protein/day

Should I be taking in more/calories/grams of protein? And just how many grams of carbs should I be eating on a daily basis? I was thinking of going with Grow! Whey for a protein supplement-any reasons not to?

sounds like an ok starting point.

I would focus more on getting the calories in and letting the protein take care of itself, even if you eat a little more than 200g.

Make sure you have something to mix Grow! Whey with, because it’s unflavored and awful unless you have something to add flavor, IMO.

I prefer Metabolic Drive myself.

4000 calories seems like a good starting point. You shouldnt have much trouble gaining weight with an intake like that. If your worried about how many carbs just go with a 40/40/20 ratio. 40 protein 40 carbs 20 fat. Get in alot of healthy fats like monounsat,polyunsat, and omega’s. Whats your workout/cardio schedule like?

Workout 3 days a week. I get my cardio from tennis which is 5-6 days/week.