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Adding Low Dose Primo or Masteron to TRT?

I just read it from @readalot 's post, you’re right.

Clit growth doesn’t sound like a bad side necessarily (joking aside there’s a whole sub somewhere of women trying to do this on purpose, apparently it enhances sexual experience by a lot).

But if you’re at the point of clit growth you’re probably having other problems. I had no idea it started as low as 25-50mg/week. I guess it makes sense if it’s around 0.66 of Test’s androgenicity. That’s still a lot for a woman.

No I haven’t. I haven’t taken UGL either. I think if your IGF-1 is low, that between UGL primo or UGL HGH, I would go UGL HGH (especially in the context of long term health and of running it all the time). It isn’t really that bad cost wise if UGL. I think your odds are about the same finding it legit as Primo, but with UGL HGH, you can easily verify it to be legit or not with blood work (look for IGF-1 changes). Primo would be harder to verify, but you could get it done.

I guess with either one, you need to find a source, and verify it is legit, right? I would go HGH for your case. I will probably end up on it eventually.

It is also going to be kind to your hair in comparison to Primo.

In the womb, we all start with a clit. For boys it is what grows into a dick when the male baby receives androgens.

It is about 2/3rds (.66) as anabolic as test. It is far less androgenic (except on the hairline, in which it acts like it is about 2-3X as androgenic from what I have heard).

That’s good because I don’t have amazing hair genetics. I’m about to find out in a few days what prescription pharma GH would cost me. Fingers crossed…but if I can afford it I’m getting on it immediately.

In the womb, we all start with a clit. For boys it is what grows into a dick when the male baby receives androgens.”

I had no idea about that, you learn something every day haha.

That is why the clit will grow for many women who abuse AAS. They were not meant to have androgens like a man has. It’s also a big driver for penis growth in puberty for boys.

Script GH is gonna run you $2500-3000/mo for only 2-3iu/day. I was willing to pay and tried but my clinic priced it the pulled a 180 and said they couldn’t prescribe. Good RX had a better price than they did. UGL is a ton cheaper. Literally over 10x cheaper.


Does Good RX get you prescriptions for anything you want? How does that work?

I was thinking of just trying 1 iU/day if it’s pharma GH, I read (anecdotal of course) that should put you around the top of the normal range.

I don’t know that I could drop $1000/month for 1 iU/day. I might, but it would fucking suck…

Isn’t UGL HGH highly faked and not nearly as good as pharma GH? I have no experience with it, but it seems there’s a big difference between the two.

A clinic I used to be with before my current anti-aging doc still has me on their records and gave me access to Ipamorelin if I wanted to try that.

It’s so much cheaper, that trying some ugl’s HGH is worth it. You can verify how good it is with blood work. If it sucks you try a different one. You still only spend hundreds with this method. Once you have found good quality stuff, you can save like a grand a month.

Save you money on the peptide. Most people just don’t get a significant enough change for how much they cost.

Legit pharmaceutical GH is sold over the counter in many countries. Many “dealers” will ship it to you for a lot cheaper than several grand a month. If you can get pens, they are ideal given they can last without refrigeration for a month or more and there is no issues with potency. You’ll be looking at 600-700 for 200iu if we weren’t in the middle of the pandemic

Thanks, that’s what I figured about Ipa but it’s good to have confirmation.

That’s good to know, I had no idea about the pens not requiring refrigiration, that sounds ideal.

I have no idea where to find those “dealers”, but I’ll start looking online. Is the GH really the same as US pharma GH?

Yes. Novo Nordisk is manufacturer that first produced the medication for prescription purposes internationally and still prescribed in the USA. They make pens.

^ shouldn’t be against the rules, it’s like saying Pfizer makes vaccines. If anyone thinks this is against the rules I’ll delete it.

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My understanding is potency is often in question, but people do find potent stuff. Usually they are a bit dirtier than pharma grade, but I personally wouldn’t worry to much on that if getting blood work, and not running a big dose.

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I found an anti-aging clinic online located in Mexico saying they offer GH pens (30iU) for around $500 instead of 2x/3x that price in the US because pharma prescription meds are cheaper there.

Could it be a scam in the sense that it’s not actual Norditropin? It sounds plausible that it would be cheaper in Mexico and I’m in San Diego, so literally a 20m drive from the border (they’re located in a famous city close to the border).

This could work great for me, but I have no idea how to gauge the legitimacy of their enterprise.

@mnben87, does that sound like it could be legit?

You can find 30iu pens for $100 from reputable suppliers.

I know we can’t explicitly discuss sources here, but any idea how I would go about finding those? I’m not very well-versed in that kind of stuff.

I’ve searched and found a few websites when I was looking for Ralox and then Mast/Primo, but I don’t have a good sense for how to determine legitimacy.

That’s the struggle. I would tell you if it weren’t against the rules. It’s sold over the counter in the largest country in the world. If it’s coming from there, it’s more likely legit.

Thanks, I’ll look into it.

The advantage of the Mexico clinic would be I’d have a prescription for the GH. I travel a lot internationally (obviously less in the last year but probably soon again when restrictions are lifted) and can’t afford to get caught with UGL gear.

How legit do you think the GH pens would be at an anti-aging clinic there if they’re selling them for ~$500/30 iU. They’re most likely legit, right?

Yeah. The pens would be much less likely to be fake. If it’s from a clinic with a prescription, I would be shocked if it were fake.

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