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Adding Low Dose Primo or Masteron to TRT?

TRT is currently 125mg/w in ED injections. On 155mg/w, I had lots of back acne and my mood plumetted (depressed, no drive), BP went up, etc…

I have a prescription for 240mg/w Test C but given the above, adding more Test isn’t going to work for me, so if I want to TRT+ I need something that doesn’t aromatize, and after some research I’ve settled on either Masteron or Primo.

I have several objectives that I might need to tackle separately.

I have some pubertal gyno (41yo now). There are no hard lumps, it’s just the puffy “cone” looking nipples where I look like a bitch when it’s hot outside but my chest looks great when my nipples are hard or on a pump. I know it’s not fat because I’ve gone down to a true 10% BF before and it didn’t change at all.

I’m going to try a few months of Ralox 60mg/day, but I heard that Masteron acts as an AI specifically on breast E2 receptors and could help with gyno, even long term pubertal.

I want to feel better mentally than I currently feel on TRT, I feel decent but nothing spectacular. I also want to get leaner and have a more full look, but I’m not trying to be a bodybuilder or get insanely strong.

Long term health is important to me, and it seems Primo would be safer to run long term and is a look good and feel good steroid, however it’s apparently very hard to find and often faked. Money’s not an issue because this is a high priority for me, but I don’t have good sources (never done this before) so I can’t guarantee the quality of anything I purchase.

If I could guarantee the quality of the stuff I get, I think I’d want to try to run Ralox 60mg/d + Test C 125mg/w + Masteron (around) 100mg/w for 3-4 months and see what happens, and then switch to just TRT + 100-200mg/w Primo and run that year long.

I appreciate any advice and personal experiences on this.

Tagging the only two people I know off the top of my head who have done this…

@unreal24278 @studhammer

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Masteron is hard on your cholesterol. I highly recommend you don’t run it year round.

You are correct about primo being faked. It is still prescribed, and manufactured by some of the biggest pharmacies in the world, including the one that manufactures the Covid vaccine that was first approved by the FDA. That is the only one I would trust.

How long did you try this for?

Gotcha thanks, I’ll try to see if I can find that anywhere.

I tried 160mg/week Test C in 2x/week injections. Felt decent for 2 months, then my BP started skyrocketing to 160/80 and I was having headaches 24/7 for 4-5 weeks. In total I was on that protocol for 3 months. TT was 1400ng/dL, FT 30ng/dL and E2 (ultra-sensitive) 45 (range < 29). I think high E2 just doesn’t work for me.

I switched to 22mg/day (154mg/week) and my BP went back down. I was feeling good for a while but then my mood started plummetting. It could’ve been life circumstances also but I was planning to switch to 18mg/day (126mg/week) and give that protocol a chance, which is what I’m doing now. It’s recent but I already feel better, so we’ll see. I stayed on 22mg/day for 8 weeks.

I’m waiting for my test results on 22mg/day, but I’m sure I’ll be around 1500ng/dL TT if not higher.

Speak of the devil I literally just got my test results for 22mg/day.

TT 1680 ng/dL (250-1100), FT 370 pg/mL (35-155), E2 (ultra-sensitive) 69 pg/mL (<= 29)

If thinking of taking masteron, I would try low dose proviron first. It will give you the well being affects of masteron without the negative side effects.

As is proviron and primobolan. Proviron probably being the worst at high dosages (i.e 100mg/day)

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Never ran this year round

Would low dose Primo (100-200 mg/week) be bad long term? It seems to have a very safe profile from what I read.

Also any opinion on Ralox + Masteron to get rid of old mild gyno?

It’ll probably fuck up your lipids. To what extent will be mediated largely through genetics

Keep in mind 200mg primo + 125 mg test is 325 mg/wk. Would you run say… 250mg test/wk long term? If not, I’d suggest rethinking this plan.

Interesting. For some reason I became convinced that Primo is just a lot weaker than Test and doesn’t count anything close to a 1:1 ratio.
Wasn’t there a study where they gave women up to 1g/week for several weeks and they had almost no side effects?

I hear you though. Long term health is the reason I just dropped from 155mg/week Test C to 125mg/week. On the former, which is typically deemed a reasonable TRT dose by most (including my doc, who started me on 160/week), I’m waaaay out of range on TT/FT/E2.

I am in the process of using tamoxifen 20mg/day for four weeks, I can’t confirm it is gyno, likley fat but I can tell you while I am cutting, it has seemed to remove tissue around my pecs and nipples faster.

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What are your IGF-1 levels like. I think for health purposes if money is no concern that HGH would be what I would look at if I didn’t have naturally good levels. UGL HGH and Primo isn’t that far off in price. Pharma HGH is likely a different story though.

I run a masteron/test combo (which @unreal24278 loves to give me shit about). I love it and yes my lipid profile isn’t great but I also like to run anavar or some other oral.

Personally, I love it.

Initially, but I see you’re aware of the risk associated with a long term, high dose test/mast combo. At this point I think it’s totally your prerogative.

If the increase in quality of life is unparalleled or the reward outweighs the risk then I don’t see an issue with an individual choosing to make this decision so long as direct, external peer related influence isn’t the factor primarily influencing your decision :slight_smile:

Also don’t you run like 100mg mast/wk with 250mg test/wk? Or is it 200mg mast/wk?

Originally, it was 100 mast but my new source had 200 mg/ml stuff and so do 1/2 ml of test and mast each twice a week. Keeps things simple.

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FWIW I was looking at the female cycles section of another forum and one gal was having baddd sides (clit growth and what not) at 50mg a week. Seems a lot start at 25mg/wk and go from their with primo.

Probably closer to .66:1 ratio.

Did you read the full study? Quite a few women reported symptoms reminiscent of angina, others reported generalised myalgia.

The study didn’t check lipids either and mentioned some had symptoms reminiscent of polycythemia.

It was 1.2g/wk.

See last bit of this post.


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IGF-1 levels are low, around 115 ng/mL. My doc told me he can put me on pharma HGH but I’m not sure how much it’ll cost. I’m about to find out on Monday, hopefully I can afford it.

When I say money isn’t a concern I mean this is a high priority and I’m willing to spend a lot of what I have on it, but I’m not a millionaire; if it’s 3k/month for 1 iU/day I can’t afford that.

Did you ever take pharma GH? How did you feel on it, what did you get from it?