Adding Lift to the 5/3/1


I’m thinking about doing chin up and bent over row in the same fashion as the primary lift of 5/3/1. I would put a chin up in superset with the press and the bent over row in superset with the bench.

I would do something like this
warmup 1 bench
warmup 1 row
warmup 2 bench
warmup 2 row
work set bench
work set row

I would like to hear yours opinions on my idea( i say my idea but i’m probably not the first to think about it)

I’m sorry, my english suck, i’m from Quebec:)

In the powerlifting forum there is a big thread about 5-3-1 (actually, it’s the 4th, 'cause the first three have been maxed out); read it carefully, I’m sure your question has already been answered by Jim Wendler and, IIRC, he said that balance between pushing and pulling exercises can be achieved without treating rows and chins as main exercises.

He does recommend however doing pull-ups between sets of bench press (or another main exercise) to increase the volume of pulling.

Here’s the link: Forums - T Nation - The World's Trusted Community for Elite Fitness

Ps: my english sucks more than yours :slight_smile: