Adding Leucine to BCAA and /or Plazma

I am getting back into my normal routine after a layoff due to neck nerve impingement causing weakness in the right shoulder and arm (doc prescribed gabapentin for the nerve pain, also have been doing cervical traction which seems to be helping the most).

I had noticed just prior to the layoff that my cardio was suffering, and I feel it got worse during the layoff (I’m kind of an ‘all or nothing’ type, when I have to cut a bunch of stuff out of my training I get to a point where I’m not even motivated to do the things I can). So, my normal routine consists of lifting 4 days per week, with 2 main conditioning days. Since I am currently out of town for work, the seventh day will probably be another cardio day, but with lower intensity and/or volume. Since I am in a place where I can do it easily, I am getting up early and doing 30 minutes of low intensity cardio on the elliptical, keeping my heart rate around 130 (cardiac output type training) - I am doing this every morning. I know this can result in some fat loss, but that would be a nice side effect of my main goal with this, which is a small boost to my cardio (and heart health in general - hopefully counteracting the athletic cardiac hypertrophy from years of lifting and high intensity conditioning).

Supplementation: I drink 10g of BCAA before the morning elliptical cardio, and 2 servings Plazma before and during lifting sessions. Question is this: I also have a tub of leucine, and am trying to decide if adding it to the BCAA or the Plazma would serve me better.


Add to meals, especially postworkout. This been edited to promote more current suplements but Thib had great results spiking meals with leucine…

def dont add to Plazma -unnecessary/a waste