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Adding L-Leucine to Every Protein Drink


Seems easy enough to do. Should it be a staple?


I routinely have it along with lower-protein meals.

I don't have it with meals that contain over 60 grams of complete protein, however.




Personally I much prefer to drink a leucine solution separately, immediately prior to the protein drink, rather than mix it with it, on account of throwing off the taste of the protein drink.

One can also add other things that might impair taste or texture, such as NaCl, KCl, olive oil, and/or ground flaxseed to this pre-drink, and get it all out of the way at the same time, again without impairing the taste of the protein drink.


Agreed, slam it beforehand. Leucine powder is among the worst flavors I've tasted, right up there with Loctite.



I don't really mind the flavor leucine imparts, and I actually enjoy somewhat the flavor of NaCl, olive oil, and/or ground flaxseed in my chocolate protein shakes, but I've chocked down a lot of nasty tasting supps over the years.


Because that much protein usually has enough leucine to stimulate protein synthesis.

Besides, you should be spiking your blood levels with leucine, which means you should NOT be having it every 4-5 hours...I'd say it's best to have it 2-3 times a day, spread out as far as possible and only with meals/shakes with less than 30g of protein.

If leucine levels are routinely high in your blood, it will take more to "spike" your system with it. If you have 5g with every meal, perhaps a "spike" would only register with 8-10g of leucine.

It's not a huge issue and Bill may know better than I.


I just put a scoop in my mouth and chase it with some water or sports drink.


I don't.

Without evidence, I tend to think that getting 5 g every meal or shake, say 6 times per day, would be better than getting 5 g every other meal. Of course that is also comparing different total amounts.

Now as to 2.5 g every meal vs 5 g every other meal, I wouldn't be surprised if the latter is better for the reason you say.

But I have no evidence on either one.


Jeez does it really taste that bad? I thought it was tasteless.


To be honest, I really dont taste anything.


Neither do I, which is why I scoop it directly into my mouth and wash down with water.


Neither do I. I toss some with my workout shake and my PWO shake (5g) and I don't taste a thing.

Would it be a safe bet to say that having leucine with each meal/shake would be best for a caloric deficit diet as opposed to bulking?

I tried it when bulking and didn't notice a thing; that's why i say what i say. and i ams what i ams!


This article by Layne Norton may help you decide when and how to supplement with Leucine.



Yes IMHO it does taste that bad. It is the only thing to date that I can not take straight (tried it once, never again). I can tolerate it just fine though in a protein shake.


The article said nothing about luceine or adding it to protein drinks guy.


For the people who cannot taste Leucine:

You're missing a section of taste buds in your mouth. It's not an uncommon section, and it overall doesn't affect much. However, it IS the part that tastes Leucine. For those of us who CAN taste the leucine, it's extremely bitter and the taste doesn't die off easily. I remember when I first bought Leucine and thought "I wonder what it tastes like..." and regard that as a horrible, horrible decision.


I have to agree. I think it tastes terrible. I've mixed it with protein shakes and completely ruined them. I have mixed it with a shot of whole milk before my shakes which tastes ok.


It also becomes a matter of acquired taste, or perhaps better put as acquired not-as-much-distaste.

Back when I first experienced powdered BCAA's I thought they were horrible. Really, really bad. I'm sure leucine alone (which I did not take back then) would have seemed the same.

As time went on it just became a moderate off-taste, similar to buttermilk.


FWIW, I believe that most people can't taste L-Leucine.

Obviously, for the minority that can it's not a pleasant taste.