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Adding Jokers to Leviathan Anchor?

Would that be a stupid move?
Im working with a pretty low TM for me.

1-2 sets after the TM lift a little heavier done for 1-3 reps?

Or am i working with incorrect TM since im even considering this?

Asking about changing anything about a 531 program here is like going to a trailer park and yelling “Walmart sucks!” Everyone is gonna hate you. Try it and see how it turns out for you. I personally seem to stunt my own progress Everytime I fuck with a program.

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Well then… would one be better of by simply do another anchor than leviathan anchor?

PR set, jokers then 5x5 fsl done for anchor with leviathan leader?

My point was do what you want to do. Most on t-nation will tell you to do it as written. Including myself. But you can learn alot by trial and error. Jokers are not the end all be all. Build don’t test. I’d run Leviathan as written and see how it goes.

I ran Leviathan last summer, and I can tell you its no joke. I mistakenly thought it would be an “easier” template since I had been running Volume and Strength before. I was mistaken. Working up to your TM and doing Supplemental work in the same session can be quite taxing, and not something any of the other 531 templates have (besides maybe Beyond). That’s why you only ever do the TM for a single.

I also made the mistake of altering the program, to my own detriment. I ran it 3 days a week instead of 4. I thinking completing a lift every 7 days is a much better plan with Leviathan. In any case, take into account on the Anchor how the Jokers will affect your PR sets. Those PR sets are a lot of fun after hitting a single at your TM. You get accustomed to the heavier trainining load which I think bumps your bar speed a bit during the back down PR sets. Adding in Jokers will probably accumulate a bit more fatigue in the session which could risk injury during your PR sets if you start pushing them a bit too hard.

Have you run Leviathan before? Or are you currently in the Leader? I ask, in case you haven’t run it at all yet, because in that case if you don’t know how your body will respond to the program as is, what are you expecting to happen if you make changes to it? I think changing it before seeing how you respond to it as is would be a bit short sighted.

Why? What goal are you trying to achieve, that requires you to make this change to the template? Moreover, why not just run a program that has/allows Jokers? (unless you are already running the Leader)

You should never be using an incorrect TM. You be able to complete your TM for 3-5 good, solid reps. 3 reps for a 90% TM and 5 reps for a 85% TM.

When its all said and done, you will do what you want to. But if the results are less than optimal you will only have yourself to blame. The program is written that way for a reason.