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Adding in Some DB Work

hi, I train 4 days a week. My coach only has us doing snatch, cl&j, jerks, squats. I want to add in some db stuff for biceps, triceps, bench press. I know that it won’t really do anything for the oly lifts but it’s fun and I figure those are the upper body muscles that aren’t really worked. Any suggestions on when (can’t do them at the club because we don’t have the equipment), volume, exercises etc.


I train the oly lifts + squats 3x/ week by following the routines my coach gives me. I added a 4th session of bodybuilding exercises on saturday or sunday including stuff like dumbbell rows, dips, incline bench press (typical upper body BB stuff, as I am already doing enough for my legs and posterior chain). Nothing special, just 3-5 sets of 8-10 reps to build some muscle.