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Adding In Conditioning Drills

I’ve been lifting for a long time and my some of my joints are starting to feel it. Additionally it is hard for me at this point to maintain my same level of interest (boredom factor-- I am 46 and and first started lifting when I was 20). I have added into my program “conditioning drills”-- 10 sandbag snatches, 5 pushup burpees, 10 medicine ball slams and 15 jumping jacks, no rest between exercises and once through is a set.

My plan was to do as many sets as possible in 20 minutes. 5 sets in 10:30 and I was toasted. Now I have gotten a sledge hammer and tire and incorporated sand bag carries. I still pick 4 exercises (I always include the burpees) and try to do as many sets as possible in x amount of time. I really am beginning to feel the effects of this routine and since you can do it in about 10 or 15 minutes (I don’t really warm up) I think it is max payoff for minimal time spent.

It aint the standard “body builder work out” I know but I think it is paying off in spades in terms of increased energy, better sleep etc… And my snatches have gotten alot better, I think from exploding up on all those burpees. Some of you guys might want to try something similar but be forewarned this style workout aint for pussies–it is tough.