Adding HITT to EDT & T-Dawg?

I’m currently on the T-Dawg diet and the EDT workout program, and am considering doing HITT on my off days. I actually jog on the off days already, but not all the time, and i’m not on a real program. So what do you guys think, is it a good idea?

Are you talking the fat-loss version of EDT? If so, I would recommend this over the 15 min. of moderate-intensity cardio that Staley recommends…just be careful not to overtrain.

I just switched from Meltdown I to a 4x/week 5x5 split a la Ian King and incorporate the 400 m. program on Wed. and Saturday, on T-Dawg calorie levels but the I go 1 g. protein instead of 1.5, 30-100 g. carbs depending on training or off day, and a higher fat intake so it’s more ketogenic, but I am gradually adding in carbs every week as I have been low-carbing for too long.