Adding HIIT and Carries/Prowler to Optimal Strength Training

Hey Coach,
I’m giving your Optimal Strength Training a second run through. Since the last time I did it I’ve developed a “love” (more like love hate, lets be real) for Airdyne, Farmer walk and Prowler/sled push/pull/dragging HIIT training.

Where would be the best place to slot this in?
I wouldn’t do any in phase 4. But I was thinking

  • Carries on squat days (super set with the curls to save time). Gives a day for grip and traps to recover before deadlift day.

  • push/pull/drag a sled/prowler on bench days (super set with the accessories to save time)

  • Airdyne for 12-15 min on deadlift day (the day before the only recovery day, airdyne usually help me with lower body recovery)

  • phase 1, conditioning range

  • phase 2, hypertrophy range

  • phase 3, strength/skill range

IMHO 12-15 min intervals on the airdyne bike will have an excessively high impact on cortisol levels, especially on deadlift day.

I would much prefer sprints. For example 30-40 seconds sprints on the airdyne with 2-3 minutes of rest for 6-8 sprints.

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2 follow up questions if I can.
By rest do you mean a chill pace or completely stop? Usually my 30 on, 30 off intervals are like Grandma speed on the rest period.
Second question, the rest of the plan looks good to you?

Thanks a lot for your help and support

No, it means rest as in don’t do anything

I would do sled on squat day, farmers on deadlift and assault on bench day

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