Adding HCG to TRT Protocol

Hello everyone. Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me. I have been on trt for 3 years and am looking to add HCG for fertility reasons and possible additional benefits.

Current protocol is 105mg testosterone cypionate split between daily injections. I do daily injections do to having higher e2 with less frequent injections.

Last labs:
Testosterone total -1111ng/dl
Testosterone free 181 pg/ml
Estrodial 58 pg/ml

What dose and frequency would you recommend I add HCG. Dose daily dosage of HCG help keep e2 lower the same way daily testosterone dose was able to? I am looking to start with lower dosage and slowly increase as needed as I have some time before having kids. Considering daily HCG with my daily testosterone or possibly alternating EOD trt and HCG.

Also, my doctor said each vial will be $500 because of the changes in laws regarding HCG. This is very expensive and am hoping to find another option to keep the cost down. Thank you.

Usually, 750-1500IU weekly works for fertility, divided into three times a week.

There are cheaper sources available.

Curious what else you’re looking for from it?

Fertility is number 1. I’ve read a mixed results on the benefits of course. Some express feeling better on it and some have side effects that make it not worth it. Not sure which side of the spectrum. Hoping to just be fertile and have no side effects.